How to hack Lucid Dreaming

How to hack Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Elixir: 

The 2-Week Lucid Dreaming Program & Lucid Dreaming Elixir:

Week 1: Dream Recall

  • During this week, focus on improving your ability to recall dreams because at this phase, you're not yet trying to induce dreams.
  • The Casio method: have a digital watch with an hourly chime function.
    • Chime Check: When the watch beeps, pay attention to it. Take a moment to become aware of your surroundings, your body, and your breath.
    • Reality Check: Attempt to slide your watch off your wrist. In reality, it won't come off, but in a dream, it will slide off effortlessly, signaling that you are indeed dreaming.
    • Wear the watch while sleeping or keep it near your pillow to maintain the auditory cue during sleep. This will aid you in maintaining mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings and physiology both when awake and asleep.
  • Keep a dream journal to record your dreams, noting down any symbols, objects, and emotions that manifest. Try Interpreting the symbolism and analyze your feelings honestly. Even if your dreams are of a dark nature, note it down. Engage with your shadow side. 

Week 2: Lucid Dream Induction

  • Express your intent for lucid dreaming before sleep by repeatedly stating, either mentally or verbally, "Today I will control my dreams."
  • Recall a previous dream as you lie in bed before sleep to increase your chances of slipping into a lucid dreaming state.
  • Medical disclaimer: The following items are optional and are therefore not recommended as medical advice. Be cautious about the quality and source of the following substances.
    • Methylene blue (taken before bed for enhancing your potential to recall dreams, ensure quality with a COA certificate and USP rating).
    • Glycine (a neurotransmitter that may enhance dream vividness).
    • ZMA (Zinc, magnesium, aspartate) as a supplement (avoid zinc if it affects your sleep). 
    • Only use B6 if you lack it in your diet (if you eat red meats, you should be fine).
    • Choline (relaxing substance) and valerian root (dream recall enhancing substance) are experimental options, and are therefore optional in this elixir. 
  • Use programmable lights like Philips Hue lights to stimulate awareness during sleep. Set them to turn on 2 hours before your waking time at a low intensity, with a 15-minute on-off cycle.

What to Do in a Lucid Dream?

  1. Find or create a mentor, be it a historical figure or a personal mentor of your own creation.
  2. Bring your future self into your dream world to help guide you through life.
  3. You could practice sex, but make sure to exercise caution here, as I don’t even fully understand the neurochemistry behind this. Moreover, anything in excess is never great for you, so just be careful with this one. 
  4. Relive your past victories and triumphs to boost your self-image and overall confidence. 
  5. Engage in mental rehearsals for various skills or scenarios.

A word of caution: Don't lucid dream every night, as it can impact your sleep quality. Allow your subconscious to do its thing because you don’t want to be in the driver’s seat all the time. 

Challenge: Share in the comments why you want to pursue lucid dreaming. Clarify your Why behind doing this. 

Note: Tomorrow's lecture will cover Methylene Blue.

Methylene Blue:

  • or use code KAALRAAM for a 15% discount

Lucid Dreaming Supps and Equipment:


  • Methylene Blue 5mg
  • Glycine 1-2 tbsp
  • ZMA 1-3 capsules
  • additional B6 (option)
  • Choline (option)
  • Valerian Root (option)
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I want to become the most spiritually masculine man, and i want to dominate everyone in my competition, so i think this practice of lucid dreaming is going to help in my journey, thanks kaal for teaching me this, im grateful.


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