How to Master Anything in 2024

How to Master Anything in 2024

 The Magic Hourglass Method: 


Develop your competitive edge by exploiting the power of the long-lost Magic Hourglass Method, an Esoteric tool that can assist you in learning any skill:  


The Upper Bulb of The Magic Hourglass i.e., the Input Chamber: 

  • Take breaks: 
      1. Knowledge does not become ingrained in your mind as a result of cramming (which is a typical practice of most students). Consider this: learning is akin to pouring a glass of soda i.e., you wouldn’t pour a glass in one go, you’d pour some, let the fizz settle, pour some more, let the fizz settle, and so forth. Learning is no different i.e., you learn some information, then you relax, you then go back to learning, relax again, and so forth.
      2. Be intuitive about this i.e., take breaks as often as your brain wants to. Whenever you start learning anything new, your brain grows tired, anxious, and will signal to you that it wants to stop. Acknowledge these cues and take that break. 
      3. Here’s the trick: you then leave your desk or whatever environment you were learning in and you commit to a period of undistracted relaxation that does not consist of any stimulation or external inputs (meaning that you do not engage with your phone, computer, tv, video games, and even “productive” activities such as cooking or cleaning). The only activity that you’re permitted is walking, whether that be around your house or outdoors. The lack of input allows your brain to synthesize the information that you were just learning. 

    The Waist of The Magic Hourglass i.e., the Transmutative Chamber:

  •  Sleep: 
      1. Get lots of sleep in. It has been shown that when sleeping, your mind repeats and solves problems that you confront throughout your day, and their solutions become ingrained in your mind as a result. Not only that, but this problem solving process unfolds multiple times faster than in reality. Furthermore, this encoding process allows your brain to replay these problem solving memories from front-to-back, from back-to-front, and from random points of the memory to other random points of the memory. 
      2. This guide will help optimize your sleep: sleep like a soldier {esoteric sleep guide}

  • Mental Rehearsal: 
      1. Practice the skill that you intend on mastering in your mind. It has been shown that dart players have improved their aiming skills with mental rehearsals alone. This practice is not limited to sports practice e.g., you can mentally rehearse camera presence, approaching women for their phone numbers, solving math problems, etc.
      2. Practice the skill you intend on mastering and practice the same skill in the physical realm. This has been shown to be the most effective of the learning options, as it trumps just mental rehearsals, and just physical practice. In other words, mental rehearsals + physical practice is the most optimal learning strategy. 
      3. Future sight: imagine the future version of yourself that knows how to solve that math problem that you’re currently struggling with, or who knows how to hit that golf swing that you’re trying to achieve. Visualize and embody his presence to confront your problems in the present. This is important because your success always lags behind your mental image. Meaning that if you believe that you’re ill-equipped to solve a given math problem, then you’re far more likely to fail at trying to solve that problem, than succeed in it. But, if you envision and embody the presence of a future version of yourself that exudes mathematical competence, you’re now in a position to more confidently approach any math related problems with an aura of confidence and unwavering self-belief. This perceived level of agency over your destiny is termed the locus of control. You must develop the competitive edge that comes with the cultivation of an internal locus of control.

    The Lower Bulb of The Magic Hourglass i.e., the Output Chamber: 


  •  The Feynman  Technique:
      1. Teach what you learn, as you learn it. Whatever it is that you’re trying to learn, teach it to a family member or friend. Don’t have anyone to teach to? In this case, simply create your own educational YouTube series. E.g., if you’re learning calculus, teach your calculus tutorials on YouTube, as if you were trying to start your own Khan Academy.
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