how i nuked my brain fog

how i nuked my brain fog

The RWB Protocol:

The Red, White, & Blue Protocol:

  • Red: Red Light Therapy
  • White: Creatine Monohydrate
  • Blue: Methylene Blue


  • All three agents work on the mitochondria through different mechanisms (that don’t interfere with one another). 
  • All three agents promote enhanced skin health.
  • All three agents promote raw vitality and mental clarity.
  • Red light therapy’s potentially testosterone boosting.  
  • Creatine prevents neuro-degeneration. 
  • Methylene Blue is a mitochondrial supplement, on top of being antiparasitic and antiviral.  

Red Light Therapy Actionable Steps: 

  • You cannot just get any red light because most are low quality i.e., most don’t account for nnEMFs (non-native electromagnetic frequencies) which are emitted by the lights. I’ve linked below a red light that features a faraday cage around the lights to avoid nnEMF emittance. 
  • Red light therapy is expensive i.e., ~ $400 - $1,000s of dollars. Here’s the thing, you don’t need all the fancy red light therapy equipment. Simply spend more time outdoors in the sun (you can get red light from the sun in the morning and in the evening when there’s a lower solar angle). Therefore, aim to expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. I recommend at least 1 hour of sunlight exposure. 
  • I’m aware that some people reside in colder climates, where winters limit the amount of sunlight exposure that you can benefit from. Add on top of that the fact that most of our days are spent indoors during the winter anyways and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. For this, I recommend getting sunlight as soon as you wake up, or trying to get some throughout the day whenever you have a moment to spare. 
  • Spend 20 minutes a day in 10 minute sessions exposed to the red light i.e., in the morning, spend 10 minutes in red light, and at night, spend 10 minutes exposed to red light therapy. 
  • My preferred Red Light Therapy device:
    $100 off using code KAALRAAM1

Creatine Actionable Steps: 

  • 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per day. 
  • I use the Optimum Nutrition brand. What’s important is that the ingredients list features only creatine monohydrate and nothing else because low quality brands include fillers and stabilizing agents which aren’t good for you.   

Methylene Blue Actionable Steps: 

  • Dosages vary depending on your reaction to Methylene Blue: some people experience a significant reaction from 1-2 drops of it, whereas I require a whole dropper to see the effects. 
  • There is the concern that Methylene Blue stimulates anxious thoughts. Therefore, it’s important that you sort out your mental health before using Methylene Blue. 
  • We’re opting for the pharmaceutical Methylene Blue and NOT the industrial grade Methylene Blue (which contains heavy metals and therefore causes more harm than good).


What I Use: 

Methylene Blue {from Meraki Medicinal}


*This isn’t medical advice: I’m reporting on my personal experiences and research with the below listed items. 

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