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Esoteric Nutrition Course

Esoteric Nutrition Course

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Full course covering all topics concerning health and nutrition especially focusing on hormonal health, gut health and metabolic health.

Included in Kaal's Country Club.

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What benefits can I expect?

How do I even begin to answer this.. Let me go section by section:

I. 13 Pillars of Testosterone:

Anabolic Effect: Put on muscle easily and retain it even without exercise

Androgenic Effect: Increased aggression and sexual instinct

Metabolic Effect: Burn fat by just existing

Psychological Rewiring: Gain a sense of unstoppable momentum

II.Metabolic and Thyroid Health

Unlock a new level of calm and collected energy

Eliminate Chronic Stress

III. Body Recomposition

Aesthetic Effect: Look like what a man is supposed to look like

Insulin Reset: Stop craving sugar like a toddler

IV. Gut Health

Mental Health: The Mind-Gut Axis is the source of neurochemicals

Gut Microbiome Reset: Destroy bad bacteria and encourage the good kinds

V. Protocol

Bring all the knowledge together in a step by step guide

Introduction to Esoteric Food Pyramid

V. Resources

Printable PDF checklists for supplements

Printable PDF checklists for micronutrients

Course Contents

I. 13 Pillars of Testosterone

📺 Pillar 1: Retention Don’t throw away your gainz

📺 Pillar 2: Competition and Collaboration Cheat codes to testmaxxing

📺 Pillar 3: Breathing is Everything Decrease stress, increase test

📺 Pillar 4: Praise the Sun Use light to stimulate test

📺 Pillar 5: Praise the Moon Use rest to stimulate test

📺 Pillar 6: Purge the Xenos *This module does best if you also have the Detox course

📺 Pillar 7: How to understand a T-Test Understanding free T, total T, LH, FSH (biomarkers)

📺 Pillar 8: Thermal Stress Heat or Cold exposure?

📺 Pillar 9: Fats are Friends What is testosterone made of?

📺 Pillar 10: Increase Testosterone Sensitivity How to increase the effects of test

📺 Pillar 11: Free the Twins Don’t trap the boys..

📺 Pillar 12: Micros and Supplementation Supps are secondary, but still..

📺 Pillar 13: Frootmaxxing Heaven’s Gift to Mankind 🥭


II. Metabolic and Thyroid Health

📺 Optimize Light Environment: Critical for mitochondrial function

📺 Thyroid Optimization: Turn on the metabolic switch

📺 Manage Chronic Stress: This is mandatory..

📺 Metabolic Reset: Unlock a new level of vital energy

📜 Hormones and the Endocrine System: Notes for advanced students


III. Body Recomposition

📺 Calories in Calories out?: Actually understand the energy balance equation

📺 Stop Tracking Calories?: Understanding the pros and cons of tracking

📺 Fat Loss Trident: Three tools to lose fat without losing muscle

📺 Understanding Cholesterol: Getting to the truth behind this controversy

📺 Insulin Reset: Sugar isn’t always bad


IV. Gut Health

📺 Mind-Gut Connection: Truly wacky stuff, but essential for mental health

📺 Unbound Iron: Iron is not always good for you

📺 How to Eat: Eat like your ancestors did

📺 Are Plant Toxins Real: Truth behind social media trends

📺 Gut Reset Protocol: This is the hard reset; the ultimate option

📜 Mini Gut Reset Protocol: This is an easier reset to commit to

📜 Meat Stock and Bone Broth: Recipes for elite gut health

📜 Gut Maintenance Elixir: A recipe for elite gut health


V. Protocol

📺 Esoteric Food Pyramid: They PSYOP’d us with the Govt. Food Pyramid. No More.

📺 Phase 1: Start Here with the easiest steps

📺 Phase 2: Now lets reach the top 10% of health

📺 Phase 3: Now lets reach our genetic limits



📺 How to Eat Out

📺 How to Store and Heat Food

📺 How to do groceries

📺 What if I’m a vegetarian?


VII. Resources

📜 Supplement Cheat Sheet

📜 Micronutrient Cheat Sheet

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Does this work for vegans and vegetarians?

My recommendations aren't catered to vegan or vegetarian diets. I don't
consider these diets to be ideal for human health. However, I do have a
separate module for vegan/vegetarian diets.

Is this course included in Kaal's Country Club?

Yes, this course is included in Kaal's Country Club
membership. If you decide to upgrade to KCC Lifetime Membership after
buying this course, email us for a discount at