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Growth House

Growth House

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Welcome to Growth House #1 in Austin, Tx

I invite you to join me and 4 like-minded gentlemen on a transformative experience


Handpicked Members

I am inviting 4 guys to be a part of this experiment. The experiment is to see what new levels of productivity, progress and personal growth we can achieve as a pack rather than alone.


Austin, TX

Everybody is going to Austin nowadays. YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals. This is a city of new opportunity.

I've been there twice in the past year and both times I randomly met people I knew as successful YouTubers/Entrepreneurs on social media.

Specifically we're going to be in the Zilker area. It's beautiful, green and pleasant; but downtown is just 7 minutes away.

There's a natural spring nearby, bring swimwear.

There's a bunch of events and social things going on and I intend to make the most of it.



It's hard to slack off when the guys around you are giving it their best.

If you're in my Growth House, you will make progress towards your goal. There is no other way.


Daily Plan

Note: this is a tentative plan for an average work day.

  • 0730: Wake Up, Hygiene
  • 0800: Swim at Barton Springs/meditation & yoga
  • 0900: Deep Work Sesh
  • 1300: Break for Lunch
  • 1400: Deep Work Sesh
  • 1530: End Work, Report Progress
  • 1600: Gym
  • 1700: Social Events, Explore the Area, Attend Shows etc.


When should I book flights?

Wait till I send you an email confirming that everything is set.
The email will contain address and dates etc.

What if I can't come for a whole week?

That's ok! Even joining us of the weekend would be valuable. Note that you'd still be buying a "weekly pass".

What additional costs are there?

The price displayed does not include food, going out, tickets for shows or transport. It's just to cover the AirBnB.

What if I have further questions?

Email me at

What happens after I purchase?

We will email you within 24 hours confirming your order and following up with you if you have questions.

We'll add you into a private Growth House Signal Chat so we can communicate effortlessly.

What is the cancellation policy?

Unfortunately I can't do refunds if you cancel. This is because your payment goes towards the AirBnB, and they sure as hell aren't going to refund me - so that's why.

Can I book more than one week?

Yes, you can! If you want, you can spend the whole 4 weeks with us. You'd just buy each week separately.