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Kaal's Country Club

Kaal's Country Club

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Why did I create KCC?

They're all getting sicker and slower, fatter and dumber.

Testosterone levels are in freefall.

Fertility in men and women is being destroyed.

The school system is a NPC factory.

Nobody is interested in embracing their genetic potential.

Nobody is interested in working towards a life of freedom, vitality and abundance.

I felt like I was the crazy one..

But I knew there MUST be men like me out there, and so I created my YouTube channel.

And then I realized this wasn't enough because YT doesn't really give you a network.

Now I have a network: Every country I go to likely has a KCC member.

When I need feedback, help or advice; when I want to learn something new, I go to KCC.

I don't need Instagram or Twitter for social media because KCC is infinitely superior.

I have what I envisioned: a band of brothers who share the same values and aims.

I created the brotherhood I dreamed of.

In the coming decade, having a brotherhood of REAL connections will be critical

This brotherhood is not for everybody,

but it might be for you.

We in KCC ask the question: "What comes after basic self improvement?"

What is KCC exactly?

KCC has 3 parts: Community, Courses and Calls.

Community: 100+ guys personally vetted by me to be of worthy character.

Courses: Extremely comprehensive & highly actionable courses, KCC exclusive content.

Calls: Interact with me directly every week in a group learning video call.

What Courses does KCC include?

Currently Available

  1. Esoteric Detox Course ($200)
  2. Esoteric Nutrition Course ($250)

Coming Soon

  1. Esoteric Nutrition Cookbook (bonus)
  2. Esoteric Mindscaping Course ($250)
  3. Storytelling Course ($300)
  4. Social Skills and Gravitas Course ($300)
  5. Build a loyal YouTube audience to get to $10k/mo ($300)
  6. How make $10k/mo from Skool ($300)
  7. How make $10k/mo from Courses ($300)

Will I interact with Kaal?

I will answer questions and interact in the community daily.

You will interact with me directly on live calls.

However, this is not a direct coaching service - just want to make that

Does KCC have live calls?

Yes! I host one call a every Saturday.

Recordings will be available.

Topics we've covered:

  • How to grow your own food supply
  • Pros and Cons of Democracy
  • Religion in Modern Life
  • Prepper's Guide to Survival

and so much more!

What transformation does KCC provide?

KCC will help you go from a man of average health to becoming a man of unrivaled vitality and energy.

The courses will give you the exact blueprint to get your testosterone levels to your genetic potential.

But health is not the only thing we care about at KCC.

We want to become the classical man.

This is the kind of man who can run and lift at the top 5% level, but can also write, think and strategize.

We want it all: health, wealth, wisdom and happiness

Why is Lifetime Membership not offered anymore?

I removed the one-time payment for Lifetime Membership in favor of the $1 per day pricing to make KCC more accessible.

Note: I may choose to offer lifetime memberships to select members once I get to know them.

Why are slots limited?

Quantity is limited to preserve community quality. We have a great
community culture and so we control how many new members we have per

What if I don't like it?

If you aren't 100% satisfied with KCC, you can get a full refund no questions asked.

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Included Courses: